Integrity USA

Facebook Discussion Group Policy

General Rules Of The Facebook Discussion Group Are As Follows:

  • Opinions expressed on the discussion group are not necessarily those of Integrity USA.
  • Mention of products and services does not constitute endorsement.
  • Integrity USA is not responsible for the advice given by individual group members.
  • Discussions should be professional and center on the LGBT issues and the Episcopal Church for which the group was created.
  • If you ask a sensitive question that calls for private replies or if you wish to survey other discussion group members' opinions and want them to send replies directly to you, be sure to direct people to send you private messages.
  • Inappropriate and/or unrelated advertising or the promotion of outside services or products on the Facebook discussion group is prohibited. If you are unsure, please send a private message to the editors.
  • Integrity USA chooses to allow or disallow membership to the Facebook group at its discretion.
  • The comments on Integrity USA's Facebook discussion group may not be reprinted in any other publication except those owned by Integrity USA. Reproduction and redistribution is permitted only at the discretion of Integrity USA. Comments on this discussion group shall not be published, broadcast, rewritten for publication or redistributed directly or indirectly in any medium without written permission.
  • Personal attacks are not permitted. Comments and posts that are deemed personal attacks by the Integrity USA editors can be removed and the person posting the messages may be removed from the discussion group.
  • A subscriber may request to be removed from the discussion group at any time.
  • A subscriber may be taken off the Facebook discussion group at any time for any reason, at the moderator's discretion.