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Become a Believe Out Loud Episcopal Congregation

In Your Parish

Sacramento Pride 2012Become a Believe Out Loud parish

Is your parish welcoming of LGBT people?  Would you like it to be?  Our Believe Out Loud Episcopal Congregation program leads you through a proces of discernment that will result in your parish adopting an LGBT-specific welcoming statement and registering on our website.  Read more!

Become a Proud Partner!

Whether or not your parish is Believe Out Loud, you can still support Integrity through our Proud Partner program.  Proud Parish Partners are congregations that donate a small annual amount to support the work of Integrity USA; each parish has a representative on Integrity's Stakeholders' Council.  Non-parish organizations can become partners, too!  Read more...

Bring a workshop to your area!

Integrity trainers are holding workshops all over the nation! Participants will learn to speak to people in their church or diocese about why it's important to welcome and include LGBT people in the lives of church communities. Participants will be given tools to engage in meaningful conversations about their inclusive beliefs, and they will be introduced to the process for a parish to become a Believe Out Loud Congregation.

Learn more about Workshops