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Bruce Garner, PresidentWelcome to Integrity USA's home on the Web! For more than four decades, Integrity USA has been working for the full equality of LGBTQ persons in every part of The Episcopal Church. We pray that through our work the church will become a beacon of God's love and radical inclusion to the world around us. Much has been achieved, and much still needs to be done before all of God’s children are always equally welcome in every Episcopal Church. We have also been the witness of The Episcopal Church to the LGBTQ and broader community hoping to reach those who have been disenfranchised by faith communties.

 Integrity works both to change the policies of the wider church, and to encourage and enable local congregations to intentionally open their doors to LGBTQ people and their allies. We also work to educate the general public, especially LGBTQ folks about the inclusive welcome of The Episcopal Church.

During the 2015 General Convention, the official position of The Episcopal Church on same-gender marriage became that being a same-gender couple was not an impediment to being married in The Episcopal Church. Marriage ceremonies were adopted, including rendering the marriage rite in the Book of Common Prayer “gender neutral.” Appropriate canonical changes were also adopted. While there is still much to be done to insure full equality of LGBTQ persons in the church, this was a major step forward.

We invite you to be a part of our work - as a member, as a leader, as a supporter. Please consider joining Integrity, or sending a donation to support our work. Members and supporters receive a weekly email update to help you stay in touch with the challenges and successes of LGBTQ work around the church.

We hope that this website will be useful to you in your own journey towards full inclusion, and that you may know the incredible love of God which welcomes us all. Please feel free to contact us by phone,email or mail - click here for our contact

Thank you for your interest in Integrity USA and our work.

Bruce Garner, President
Integrity USA